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Back to the future!

SO LONG - has been since our last update - that you may be forgiven for thinking that Deckchair has been so laid back, it has been practically dormant! Well you'd be right... Beware the sleeping monster! For the last two years...

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OVO foundation

A promo for the OVO foundation, a charitable trust set up to support worthy causes in the community and at large. OVO Energy has pledged to match every customer donation. The film outlines the various ways in which it is put to good use! Featuring Gaby Sethi, OVO Foundation Manager.

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The Rainforest Diaries

It was truly a unique opportunity as the Asháninka have rarely until recent years had contact with the outside world. It is still a highly regulated and protected region, and it is very rare to gain access or have permission to film. It took many days to travel to, where most of the people had never before...

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OVO Energy - preferred partner

In the last year we have made hundreds of films for OVO Energy alone. Deckchair was first instructed in 2012 to revamp the quality of OVO's film presentations both internal or external. OVO Energy, now 6 years old, set out to make an impact on an energy run by the dominant 'Big Six'...

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