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By the Bridge with Sue Jonston

Deckchair produced a 40 minute promotional documentary for the inspirational independent fostering organisation, By the Bridge. Narrated by Sue Johnston, known best for her roles in the Royle Family and Waking the Dead, the film is split into 14 chapters and is available online as well as in a gift set DVD.

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Heavenly Branding

On behalf of our client, PMG, Deckchair  sourced and directed a major re-building project to help Premier Medical Group understand the structural direction of their company as they prepared to expand nation-wide.

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The Discharge Trilogy

Pathetic Aesthetic is a short film by Harry Otto Brünjes from 2004. A comedy pastiche. One third of  "The Discharge Trilogy" that also included 1.'Material Trivial' and 3.'Action Distraction'. A fourth, 'Sexual Cordial' was never made.

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