Screened on the Horror Chanell (149) , Oct 2013

A converted church, a butler, a chef, and a hostess... with a very bitter sense of taste. Based on stories from 'The Golden Bough' by James George Frazer.

Staring Geoff Breton (Diary of Anne Frank, The Old Curiosity Shop) Charlotte Hunter, Michael Koltes, Karim Kronfli, Marco Biagioli Finalist for the Horror Channel's 'Shortcuts to Hell' run by Channel 4. The challenge: A short film with 6 lines of dialogue. 6 members of crew. 6 members of cast. All within a budget of £666.

Ed Scott-Clarke

Geoff Breton
Charlotte Hunter
Michael Koltes
Karim Kronfli
Marco Biagioli

James Gray

1st AC:
Ola Mesmer

Annie Tagge

Edit & Grade:

Sound design:
Howard Tamerisk