Back to the future!


SO LONG - has been since our last update - that you may be forgiven for thinking that Deckchair has been so laid back, it has been practically dormant! Well you'd be right... 

Beware the sleeping monster! For the last two years, Deckchair has taken a back seat whilst I have been engrossed on a two-year writing project that is finally coming to fruition, which all stemmed off the back of my role as brand ambassador for Parker Pen. Now as the project reaches, what is known in the industry as 'development', Deckchair, as you can see is back with a vengeance for a whole new chapter of life. 

2018 sees the creation of a new sister-site - 'Deckchair Films' - home to original entertainment and long-form filmmaking. Whilst Deckchair Productions receives a whole new make-over and refocus as a creative consultancy. 

I cannot wait to see what the next chapter has in store. I look forward to announcing the project soon. Please sign up to our mailing list in the footer below to be the first to hear all about it 

In the meantime, let the above 'still' from a film you know well, serve as a teaser! Whilst Deckchair Productions is back to business. Deckchair Films is back to the future! 

Yours reclined

Harry Otto Brunjes
founder & director

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