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An inspirational showreel for OVO Energy, for their AGM 2014. Featuring an array of Deckchair films throughout the year. Music - Rudimental 'Not Giving In' Deckchair Productions. 2014. Not for public dissemination.

In the last year we have made hundreds of films for OVO Energy alone - 

Deckchair was first instructed in 2012 to revamp the quality of OVO's film presentations both internal or external. OVO Energy, now 6 years old, set out to make an impact on an energy run by the dominant 'Big Six'. It's been quite a journey. OVO has been through a period of rapid growth, now with over 500,000 customers. 

Harry Otto Brünjes testing out the treehouse slide at OVO HQ.

In this time, the brand has developed, been reimagined and is constantly evolving. Integrating with OVO's internal tech, design and brand teams, Deckchair has been responsible for everything from writing advertising concepts, to brand films, events, instructional films, and all variety of other fun stuff, from Hackathons, flashmobs, Dragons Den Skits and OSCAR-style awards films! 

Our role often involves working alongside a myriad of agencies and stake-holders. It is important for a growing company to be able to trust in a partner to be responsible for budgets, scope, process and tight deadlines. Also in our consultancy, it is rewarding to be valued for our contribution to helping constantly raise the bar. 

OVO and Deckchair is a successful fit. OVO are media savvy, very much based on the google/innocent/red bull, silicon-valley style of the modern company; dressed down, astro-turfed offices with bean bags, treehouse's and themed board rooms. It was important OVO's films reflect the same 'friendly', 'young' and 'laid back' values, whilst maintaining a polished feel in quality. 

One of their most important values is 'fun!'

Last years inspirational showreel made to open the OVO Energy Annual General Meeting is a great example, demonstrating much of our work throughout the year, but most importantly, it is a great celebration of all OVO's achievements thus far and our collaboration within it. 

The 25 or so industry awards at the end speak for themselves and we very proud to have been a small part of it, including recognition as a 'Superbrand.' 


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