TEN YEARS AGO today - I started Deckchair as a platform for my play 'Good Name' at University College London - named after an infamous school report which described me 'as laid back as a deckchair.' 

After numerous plays, festivals, features, documentaries and over 350 short-form promos - here we are! Still laid back. Still dreaming up the future. 

Thank you to everyone who has come into contact with Deckchair over the years, whether performing, collaborating, following, supporting... who knows what the next ten will hold?

I'm very proud of all my associates and clients, and feel very lucky to have the most talented team of producers, directors, writers and creatives around me. There's a few ambitious projects up the sleeve, that's for certain. It also happens to be my birthday as I'm writing this! 

So be sure to follow us on social media by any of the links below, where we will be having a celebration of Deckchair films and talent in the weeks to come.

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Thank you all for your continued support, and here's to the next ten! 

Yours reclined. 

Harry Otto Brünjes

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