Fernando Ruiz


Hailing from Córdoba in Andalucia, Spain. Fernando showed great passion for film since an early age, winning an award for his first short film “Despierta” at the age of 14. His short film “La Máscara de Juan Rana” was awarded Best Screenplay Award at 2005 Jaen Film Festival as well as Best Film Cortomania 2005 among several other awards.

In 2006 his short film “Jude’s story” won Best Film award in Madrid and later in 2007 his short film “Tiempo” was awarded Best Film RTVA by Spanish TV.

Fernando’s latest feature film credits as editor and cinematographer include “May I Kill U?” and “My Unbeatable Uncle” by BAFTA winner director Stuart Urban and “The Sky in Bloom”, which recently won Best Feature and Best Cinematography at Newport International Film Festival.

Since then Fernando has also directed music videos, viral campaigns and commercials for firms such as Universal Music and bands like The Cardigans, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Children of Bodom.

Latest short films include “James, recently”, “Full Time” and “La bomba en el Despacho”. 

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