HOWE - Soul in America

Short version.

Dir/Edit: H.O.B.

DP: Sam Mitchell
Colourist: Matthew Osbourne @ MPC
AE Titles: James Edenborough
Prod: Ed Scott-Clarke for Deckchair 

Focus Pull: Matt Choules
2nd AC: Reina Hiraiwa
Gaffer: Theo Milford
Clapper loader: Paul Harrison
Production assistant: Colin Wallace
Production manager: Kasia Mount
Choreography: Chris Todd
Production photography: James Edenborough
Location rigging: Mark Lewin-Turner
Catering: Michael & Jane Bailey

The Girl: Skye Lourie C/O Curtis Brown
Dancers: Jasmine Crawford, Amy Summers, Alice Ballantyne, Millie Hood, Georgia Linfield, Georgia Holmes
Dancers C/O: Mandy Beadnall & Chris Todd: 
Grandma: Gwendoline Storey
Dog: Buzz Brünjes
Disciples: Colin Wallace, James Edenborough

Camera: Filmscape Media. Arri Alexa 4:3. Hawk Lomo Anamorphic Lenses
Lighting: Panalux

Track: Soul in America by HOWE
Produced by: Tristen Ivemy, at The Church Studios, London.

Behind the Scenes with Howe on Soul in America

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