HOWE - Sword in the Stone

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Some of the best things happen by complete accident. As was the video for 'Sword in the Stone', a bi-product of a camera test after shooting wrapped on the main production of 'Soul in America'.

After a long day's shoot on HOWE's 'Soul in America', the crew deservedly put their feet up for some supper. Yet on leaving the darkness of the studio, DP Sam Mitchell went outside to find it was still a nice evening, and half the reason we had chosen this particular camera setup was to trial the lenses for a forthcoming drama we are soon filming in the desert in the middle-east. The lenses are rare Russian 1960's Lomo anamorphics refitted for the Arri Alexa which we found through Filmscape media.

Sam was keen to test how the cinematic landscapes, distortions and lens flares behaved in magic hour. So without any crew and just the camera, Sam dragged Harry outside and they drove around the fields hanging off the back of a golf buggy. Then, needing some stand in's, Eric and Ralph joined in - at which point Sam suggested - 'why don't you try singing another track?' 

Paul Harrison was recruited to walk alongside, literally clapping the boys into time with the track playing from an iphone... and that's how it happened, completely off the cuff. Hence the chewing gum, the same clothes, the general larking about, the dog following - and things like the closing camera movement, consequently left in the edit. Free in nature and beautiful for it. 

Dir/Edit: H.O.B.

DP: Sam MitchellClapper: Paul Harrison
Colourist: Matthew Osbourne, @ MPC
Producer: Ed Scott-Clarke, Deckchair

Track: Sword in Stone by HOWE
Produced by: Tristen Ivemy, at The Church Studios, London. 

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