Olly Smith, Healthy Wines

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 15.42.55.png

Filmed at Raymond Blanc's restaurant in Covent Garden, 'Blanc Brasserie' . Celebrity wine expert Olly Smith presents his collection of healthy wines in advance of running the London Marathon. Olly was especially entertaining, off-screen as much as he is on-screen, and a lot of fun was had helping Olly realise his dream of being as smooth as Roger Moore. 

The film was a special feature for Live Magazines interactive edition, where readers have the ability to hover mobile devices over the column in the paper and the video is beamed to the phone using an app called 'digital space'.  As a piece of entertainment, the brief was to give the videos original style and the best possible production values with the limitations. We hope you agree, they came out nicely!  

The Daily Mail is the world's most popular online paper with over 100million monthly readers, and Deckchair was proud to be asked to trail-blaze this latest technology.

Olly Smith