Tom Parker Bowles, The Perfect Steak

Celebrity chef Mark Hix, kindly allowed us to use his 'Tramshed' Restaurant, in Shoreditch to shoot the latest feature for the Live Magazine in the Mail on Sunday. In addition to the fabulous food, Tramshed is also immediately recognisable for the celebratory Damien Hirst installation which dominates the central room. 

Tom Parker Bowles is the food writer, author and columnist for the Mail on Sunday's Live magazine. Son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Tom is a genuine and charming personality off the camera, and really could have talked forever about the steak, indeed he did, making it very difficult to cut into a short film of just a few minutes!  

Filming with Mark Hix present, in his private kitchen upstairs, we were lucky to eat the very steaks you can see Tom cooking in the video. Rest-assured they were the most delicious things we'd tasted all year. The smells cannot be justly described in the film itself. 

The Daily Mail is the world's most popular online paper with over 100million monthly readers, and Deckchair was proud to be asked to trail-blaze the latest digital technology for this special interactive edition.  

Live Magazine, Mail on Sunday

Tom Parker-Bowles

Mark Hix's Tramshed Restaurant